8 tips to get a good GPS signal

Anne Lancaster - 01 September 2018

Are you having trouble getting a good GPS signal in order to earn your BetterPoints?

Sometimes people earning activity rewards on our smartphone app might find that their phone can't pick up a good GPS signal. A gloomy day or the age of your phone may impact the accuracy of the GPS data but those aren't things that you can easily change! Here are some tips at getting the best out of your phone's GPS capability:

  1. When you start your activity on the app, check that your position has been found on the map that appears before you start moving. 
  2. Check your GPS settings. It might help to turn GPS off and then on again to reset which satellites your phone is communicating with.
  3. Get your phone out in the open air. GPS signals find it harder to go through things you cannot see through. This includes tall buildings and trees - not only can they block signals but can give you reflected signals which may not be as accurate.
  4. Keep your phone battery charged. It will keep a better signal and performance.
  5. Don't put your phone in a case.
  6. Start your GPS while you are stationary, before you set off for your journey. There's no time limit or minimum speed so why not start the activity on the app a few minutes before you leave the house?
  7. Learn where your phone's GPS receiver is located. If this is pointed upwards it might get a better signal.
  8. Update your phone's operating system. Software is improving all the time, so make sure you have downloaded and applied the latest software for your phone.